First Colonists

Story of a boy who gets a job on a space ship and ends up in an incredible adventure. Also known as "Space Adventure", this was originally written for Grade 9 English and was slightly revised and sent in for the 2002 Take Flight and Write Contest at the Burlington Public Library. Obviously, it didn't win.
A sci-fi story about the discovery of space-based life forms made of dark matter that operate like primitive machines, automatically attacking any light source with dark energy. Of course, human space ships almost all emit light, as do stars and the planets that reflect the stars light…
The characters in this story are actually in a giant matrix-like simulation run by a computer with a very specific purpose. They are being tested for viability as human colonists on a new planet. In reality they are located on a ship that has been travelling for thousands of years in search of a habitable planet to release its human cargo onto.
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