Miscellaneous One-Shots

A story set after the apocalypse so to speak. A nuclear war has devastated the world, but not as many had imagined. While the major cities of the former nuclear powers have been reduced to smouldering nuclear crater regions, a peripheral society continues to exist. Many third world countries untouched by the war are now the world’s superpowers, or would be were it not for the subsequent rise of three terrifying threats to humanity.
A story about a guy who knows this girl who seemingly suffers from dementia, but is in fact an angel who saved him when he tried to commit suicide/mountain climb, but in the processes broke his fall and lost her memories.
The main character tries to commit suicide, but is instead, knocked into a coma. The story starts off with him discovering that he is now in a completely different fantasy world, with no memory of his past.
A man goes on a rampage committing terrible atrocities against those he thinks were responsible for the death of his beloved. Many plot twists follow.
The main character discovers that the world is not complete, that some person or thing is influencing everything around him. Over time, he learns that he is in fact, just an illusion created by one person.
A story about how a few simple mistakes in the beliefs and intentions of others, can lead to so much tragic consequences.
Not sure what this is actually.
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