Rise Of The Human Imperium

A story about a boy who is accidentally trapped in stasis for ten thousand years and discovered in the far distant future by the descendants of the human race.
The story of a far distant future. Humanity is divided among factions controlling various colonies. The notion of Imperium is that of unification. A group of free thinking individualists receives transmissions from the future, warning them of the evils of the dictatorial Imperium, and helping them know in advance how to prevent its rise.
This is the sequel to Chronostasis. A girl is suddenly kidnapped by time travelers and sent ten thousand years into the future, whereupon she discovers that her family’s descendants were the rulers of the greatest empire in galactic history. Unfortunately, the bloodline of this family is nearly gone, and thus, some fiercely loyal servants of the Imperial Family arranged to have her arrive in the future in order to be groomed as successor to the throne. Many however, despise the idea of a primitive Earthian ascending the throne…
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