Social Experiments

A story based on a dream. It begins with a boy and his brothers, living seemingly normal mundane lives set in the modern world. Things are not as they seem however. He is first visited by a strange apparition, a girl who appears and vanishes and leads him to uncover a mysterious conspiracy about the world. The whole world is not as it seems. They discover that there are powers that they can tap into to do superhero like feats, but this attracts the attention of the shadowy monsters who seem to be behind everything.
Network Democracy is about a world where society is run under a form of direct democracy, where people have individual citizen’s accounts that require a fingerprint, or retina scan ID in order to log on. Each citizen is given one vote for each issue, and issues change every week or until there are enough votes to constitute a majority. It’s like a democracy run by referendum. There are no political parties. Individuals suggest bills and amendments, and votes are entirely anonymous. The plot is about a recreational hacker that stumbles upon an organized conspiracy to rig the system, through tampering with the secure internal National network.
Scientists secretly discover an encrypted mathematical code that exists within every single living organism’s genetic structure. The code appears to be random at first, but one scientist discovers that by using non-terminating numbers such as pi, as well as sequences of prime numbers modeled to form fractals, that one can decipher the source of the DNA’s future.
This is a story about a seemingly mad genius dictator who manages to takeover most of the world. Things are not as they seem however...
A story about a discovery made that certain humans who are diagnosed as psychopaths are in fact being controlled by a brain parasite that destroys their real personality in order to feed on human society.
War between two world powers and the effects on a boy and a girl who want nothing to do with it.
Two scientists have a dialogue about predicting the future of individuals with data collected about them.
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