Synthetic Minds

A story about a scientist who hates his human failings and transfers his consciousness into a computer that gives him power to manipulate the world network.
A renegade super soldier takes on the people who created him.
A story about a world that at first seems much like our own, but in reality is a simulacrum. All the people in the world except for a select few are actually androids. Most of these androids do not even know they are machines. Those in the medical profession are special exceptions that guard their secret carefully. Most androids are programmed to believe these delusions that they are human.
This is a story about the world after the apocalypse. The world is not as it seems. It’s a bit like the Matrix, but rather than the machines secretly controlling us, we are part of the machine.
A story about the first robot girl, made to seem like a real person, albeit with subtly exaggerated neotenous features to seem cuter as a measure to counteract the Uncanny Valley. Different from most robots of her time, she does not include an overarching expert system, but her artificial brain is entirely a structured neural network. Over time, it becomes apparent that she is far more human than anyone ever expected. Essentially, she is the first synthetic human, with a mind that is in essence, if not form, human. Not everyone however, likes this idea. Between religious fanatics who consider her an abomination, to the competitor robots who consider her design to be a threat to their continued existence, she is faced with a number of threats. Strangely, she finds herself in the care of a human boy who mistakes her for a real girl, and who tries to protect her from these various threats.
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