The Secret War

This story concerns itself with a secret society of altruists who have existed for centuries. The society receives prophecies of the future and act to either prevent or fulfill these prophecies.
The war started a year ago. It started in secret, in the silence of the night. The powers they had, I never realized existed until then. It was supposed to be a game I thought. Then, people started dying, and it stopped. It stopped being a game, but time, it stopped too, it’s how they kept the war a secret…
This is the tale of a vigilante clad in black, with a silver face mask. He works at night as an assassin, an executioner of evil people. He prefers the use of tranquilizer darts shot from crossbow. After capturing his quarry, he will use psychological terror to cause the suspect to confess the secret details of their crimes, before turning in the evidence to the authorities, and leaving them to be arrested. If the court system acquits them, he pays another visit, this time executing them with a tranquilizer dart filled with an undetectable poison.
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