Time Travel Is Dangerous

Also known as Introversion Project 1. Originally planned as an experiment in what I could write on the fly, it was abandoned and later restarted... A chaotic story about forgotten memories, dream girls, and technology that is indistinguishable from magic.
The power of the Chronomancer is the ability to manipulate the very fabric of time. They can slow or stop it and see glimpses of the future. Of course power comes with a cost, and this power comes with a terrible price. The Chronomancer can have no future and no past. In effect all of the Chronomancer’s family are doomed to die terrible and untimely deaths. The Chronomancer can not start a family, as anyone the Chronomancer falls in love with is bound to die too soon. Every blessing comes with a curse. One Chronomancer is Darien Ming. This is his story.
A story about time traveler’s from the future who’s entire purpose is to accelerate the speed of human scientific advancement by giving the famous discoverers of the past their discoveries sooner than they would normally have thought of them.
This is a story about a man who is actually from the future, a delusional admirer of a famous scientist. He falls in love with her, and proceeds in a comedy of errors to cause her to think him a stalker, AND to lose interest in her research and pursue other, lesser things. Though he can go back in time and undo things in his current universe, he has unwittingly spawned infinitely many worlds where things went wrong...
In the far distant future, time travel is a temporary affair. A special technology enables people to temporarily place themselves on a different timeline, but the effects cause physical and mental deterioration, and eventually they will automatically shift back to their own time, still attached to the technology. In an attempt to change history, an organization devoted to the greater good of humanity, sends a person back temporarily, to our near future, where she gives birth to a baby. This baby is a separate entity that does not shift back into the future with its mother. The organization seeks to change reality with the baby, who experiences unusual side effects of permanent existence in a different time. Also, the child has been genetically engineered to be perfect. The child grows up unaware of his origin, living with foster parents and growing up normally. At 12, he begins receiving visions and getting flashbacks. His mission is to save the lives of certain people, and bring about events that will prevent a major catastrophe in the future. Another organization interferes and sends assassins to kill the child, but the first organization’s own forces protect him. Inside the first organization however, there are doubts as to the implications of the mission, and internal strife.
What would happen if woke up 400 years into the future, and learned about a terrible tragedy in the past that you missed. Another one of my submissions for the Take Flight and Write Contest 2003.
A story about how events can spiral out of control. A boy narrowly avoids being killed while watching his family and friends murdered, which eventually leads him to become a genocidal madman who nearly destroys humanity, which leads his enemies to send assassins back in time...
This is Introversion Project 2.
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